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My career with animals is a wonderful journey. From working behind the scenes and the front line at veterinary clinics, wild life rehabilitation, dog rescue and rehabilitation, through it all, always dog walking.


One thing I learned with my many years of experience is, walking large packs might be lucrative but they do not serve the dog. I wanted to really take care of every individual in my pack fully. Its not just a job of loading them into a crammed vehicle and dumping them at the park.  Semi private packs of 6 dogs allows me to bond with them. Know their individual strengths and unique needs. I know their walk, moods, appetites,what excites them, their favourite spot to get scratched. I know when they are sick, upset or just not themselves. Small packs allows us to go on adventures and sometimes get so caught up in our walk we are out longer than 1hr and as much as 3hrs.

I divide my packs up into 2 groups.



Our tough crowd. No one wears booties in this group. We head out of town to face less forgiving terrain. Deep snow, rivers and thick bush. We stop half way for fresh water and a snack, sometimes I bring us whole fish. In the nice weather we stay out for hours. We walk, swim, sniff and play. In the cold weather we stay out until the first dogs foot lifts up then we head back to the truck to warm up,brushing and nail trims. Then we head out again for one last potty break.



This group is unique. Some have shift working owners, some just need to burn off energy to go to sleep or maybe you need a night on the town and will be home really late. We walk at River Park under the safety of the park lights. We are flexible on the time since the weather at night can be a bit worse and we respect that the Bylaw says we must be on our way when the park closes.


Includes a GPS map showing our route, actual distance traveled and time. Your guarantee your dog is being walked as long and as far as promised


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